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Please identify the difference between unique, shared and borrowed Article

Please identify the difference between unique, shared and borrowed theories. Give an example of each - Article Example Their concepts, propositions and definitions represent a methodical viewpoint and provide a framework for standardizing and organizing nursing actions. Recently, there has been a struggle to come up with unique theories in nursing and their contribution to clinical practice and the profession itself. While the nursing knowledge is not unique, the perspective with which the knowledge is applied to the practice is unique. This can be defined and achieved through unique theories of nursing. Florence Nightingale, a central figure in the history of nursing, was the first to conceptualize the intellectual domain of nursing science. In her seminal work Notes on Nursing: What it is and What is is Not (Nightingale, 1860), she develops a unique theory of nursing, where she establishes the domain of nursing concern, which is independent of the physician’s domain. In developing this theory, she orients the nurses towards the environment of the patients, from the condition of their bandages to the layout of their sickrooms. Some more examples of unique nursing theories include Parse’s Theory of Human Becoming and Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory. Shared theories from other disciplines such as sociological, behavioral and biomedical sciences are theories that have been tested in nursing science though not entirely adopted. They, therefore, do not necessarily advance the practice of nursing. Some examples of shared theories in nursing include theories of social support, reasoned action, self-efficacy, and planned behavior, which have all been developed within the social psychology discipline (Paley, 2006). Bandura’s Social Cognitive theory, for instance, provides an appropriate framework for evaluation of the impact of training programs done to improve nursing competence in palliative care. They are regarded as shared because of their testing in nursing situations. These are theories made

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South of US Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

South of US - Essay Example The combination of hot and cold weather along with abundant quantity of rain makes the region one of the best places to conduct agricultural activities. Several states are labeled under the southern region of United States, some of these states include: Maryland, Virginia, Louisiana and 14 other states that form the over all southern regions of US. These states have experienced lower rates of immigration except the state of Texas and Florida and the common population of these states includes the Scottish and Irish individuals and those who are children of the African American slaves. The total population of these states in accordance to the statistics of 2010 was 114,555,744 individuals (Bureau of Economic and Business Research, 2010). The culture experienced in these states is very different in nature as compared to the rest of the US, the specialty of food that is made in these states include: barbecue, pork and pecan

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Sigmund Freud Essay Example for Free

Sigmund Freud Essay Sigmund’s Freud contribution to human psychology comes in his proposal of the existence of the unconcisuos. According to him, this is the part of the human nature that human do not know about themselves. This was in direct contrary to the concept of positivism. While positivism promotes real knowledge and control upon human character, emotions, actions and reactions, Freud’s unconscious tells otherwise. The concept have also helped in margenalizing the concept of freewill, stating that there are several factors that humans are not in control. In the human psyche this refers to the unconcious. Nonetheless, since it is William James who was first to tackle the concepts of the unconcious and the subconcious, it would be a mistake to give all the credit to Freud. The important contribution made by Freud in human psychological functioning would be his ways to study and uncover the reality and existence of the unconscious. It is through his methods that the concept of the unconscious becomes more convincing and closer to reality. The methods of studying and interpreting the unconcious paved way to the establishment of beliefs and proofs of its actual existence. Freud have also highlighted the concept of repression as something that could have a vast effect on the unconcious, for repress ideas reflects personal wants and desires as well as fears and sufferings. It is through dreams that Freud have been able to illuminate the basic reality of the unconscious. It was then followed by his detailed work on psychosexual development that explains an event in man’s life where he experience a desire for his opposite sex parent and jealousy on the parent of the same sex. This phenomenon was called Oedipus complex or Electra complex. Freud tried to present the development of human nature in accordance to his theory that was based on psychosexual gratification. According to his theory, man as he grows learns to control him self and delay gratification for psychosexual fantasies. The concept of repression enters as a process by which humans tries to forget their psychosexual wants due to increasing moral pressures and societal standards. Nonetheless, these wants are changed into other form of gratification later in life. Freud was also famous upon the idea of two main drives of the human consciousness which are the death drive and the life drive. Freud believes that as human suffer unpleasure or stimulus that affects the body, the human consciousness grows tired and weary. Upon the decrease in the stimuli there will be an increase in pleasure, this could be noted with the calmness that the consciousness received on times of rest, sleep and when surrounded by a clean and serene environment. With all this concepts in place, Freud concludes that death was a driving force for man and it is in fact the most pleasurable state in which a man could attain. References Brill, A.A. (1995). The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud. Modern Library.

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Why Belgium is a Special Country Essay -- essays research papers

Belgium is a small country in Northwestern Europe, bordering France, Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands, The North Sea, and the North Atlantic Ocean. About the size of Maryland, Belgium has a suprising 10.3 million people. In which most of the people are Flemish and French. Belgium's position at the "crossroads of Europe" give the country an international flavor. Mostly true in Belgium's capitol city, Brussels. Brussels is the home of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO), which makes Belgium a very special, yet unnoticed, country. Bonjour or hello. Bonjour is hello in French, one of the many spoken languages in Belgium. Sadly French is only spoken by 32 % of Belgians. The other 68 % is spoken by Flemish with 56 %, Bilingual with 11 % , and German with a lonesome 1 %. Obviously Flemish is the most spoken, and is the easiest language translating thank you to dank u, and very well to goed. Most likely if you were to visit or live in Belgium Flemish would be the language to speak. At the crossroads of Europe, Belgium has witnessed a constant ebb and flow of different peoples and cultures over its long history. It comprises cultural elements of Celtic, Roman, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Austrian origins. Immigrants who came to Belgium from Southern Europe, Turkey, and North Africa after World War II have further contributed to the country's cultural mix. Today, Belgians are divided linguistically into Dutch speakers, called Flemings, and French speakers, called Walloons, with a nominally bilingual population in Brussels. Some 67,000 German speakers live in the east, about 900,000 foreigners reside in Belgium as well. Population density is the second highest in Europe, after the Netherlands. Every Belgian ... ...ding and an architectural heritage of value to qualify for the nomination.Shopping is one of the most popular activities undertaken by UK holidaymakers when they travel around Europe, and this is increasingly becoming the case with Brussels which is attracting more and more of the big names in national and international fashion to its growing shopping districts. What better way to discover the delights of the destination than to visit gems such as Crupet, a charming little town on the edge of a wooded valley, or Melin with its spectacular views, nestled on the heights of a valley or even the picturesque Lompret, situated in the meander of a river while enjoying the best of what these villages have to offer. In conclusion, Belgium's beautiful landscape and delicious foods make it the ideal place to live or vacation. One should feel lucky and pleased to call it home.

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B2B and B2C

In these harsh economic period, dealing with the ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns associated with B2B and B2C websites and the free flow of information is a main issue for both kinds of e-businesses. For both of these websites, there are security issues, site policies, applicable law, disclaimers of warranties and limitations, and conditions of use.In any type of business, whether it is traditional or e-business, ethics creates specific judgments regarding what is right or wrong, meaning, it makes assertions concerning what ought to be made or what ought not to be made. As all of us know, ethics is universal and is applied to anything that has relationships and interactions with individuals. Ethics is needed to steer business from harming and damaging the general public.   Moreover, ethics is likewise tied with legalities to help protect and secure its codes and principles. Consequently, ethics and legality works together to produce a peaceful environment in doing and transa cting businessAs compared with B2C’s websites, the audience and clients of B2B’s websites are not individual people since these individuals are members of a company. When conducting business you need to be aware who has authority, for example, for signing an NDA or placing an order on behalf of a company. Because the relationship is more extensive, every time you exchange information.Lately, concerns such as identity theft are rising for the reason that websites are not secured enough. Information and data has to be cautiously tracked and identified as confidential or general business or confidential when needed. Regarding ethics, the correct behavior of participants are characteristically described in regulatory codes formulated and implemented by commercial standard groups, trade associations, and the professions.Legal and ethical issues in B2b and B2c websites are very much alike, even though victims in B2B have more advantage when settling legal concerns given that procedures are extremely black and white. It is a fact that ethics is founded on universal values that do not alter if you are transacting business with an individual or with a company. The lone difference is that a B2B website has special rules and regulations if it concerns kids younger than 13 years of age. Moreover, due to the fact that B2B depends on the sharing of mutual information, ethics is very important. Not like consumers keeping business in B2C, in B2B, a victim does not have a great deal to do, just to ask for a third party’s assistance to solve their problems with B2c websites. Moreover, in B2B, it is easy to identify what took place and who is responsible and accountable for what happened in a B2B website.It is exceedingly significant from a legal B2B and B2C perspective to ensure that the written words and what is depicted regarding a company are factual.   Another important legal issue concerns intellectual property rights. Since concerns come up regardin g marketing ethics and the significance of understanding a business for Internet, there are probable areas and opportunities for disclosing trade secrets or intellectual property if appropriate B2B and B2C ethical behavior is not complied with.Meanwhile, in terms of legal and regulatory issues, B2B and B2C websites should see to it that they do not violate and commit copyright infringement, identity theft, identity fraud, and they do not patronize and tolerate consumer survey scams and hoaxes and advertising and keyword scams.Lastly, with the prevalence of PDA communication devices and new wireless web mail from cell phones, the Internet will be definitely touching and affecting more lives than ever before. Hence, privacy and security issues together with e-business ethical, legal and regulatory issues will become more widespread since it will become increasingly difficult to fathom who you can trust online; with all the illegal and unethical online e-business email scams, and Inter net marketing advertising frauds. #ReferencesFerrell, O.   â€Å"Introduction to Business Ethics Issues.†Ã‚   E-Ethics Center, Colorado State University, College of Business.Harris, L. and L. Spence.   â€Å"The Ethics of eBanking.†Ã‚   Journal of Electronic Commerce Research Vol. 3 #2, 2002.Warholic, J.   â€Å"Importance of Ethics on the Internet.†Ã‚   Professional web Services, Inc.

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The Demand Of The Economy Essay - 701 Words

â€Å"The demand-pull means that demand in the economy is the key factor, which may be result of cheap borrowing or tax cuts† (Morrison, 2011, p. 85). The reduced interest rate has made cheaper borrowing possible. Just four years prior to 2005, in 2001 the lending interest rate in Nigeria was 23.4%. Over the next decade the lending rate slowly decreased to 16.5% in 2014. The decreased rate made it easier for consumers to increase their spending capabilities in lines of short-term credit. The lending rate has remained high, averaging 16.92% over the last ten years and is significantly lower than the 23.4% rate in 2001. As Morrison (2011, p. 85) points out, high inflation tends to force up interest rates, to enable investors to achieve a real return on investment. From 2008 to 2010 and again in 2012, the lending rate increased with the inflation rate. The graph indicates that after 2010, the GDP growth rate did decrease due to the high interest rates. Higher interest rates also make disposable consumer income decrease which lowers the domestic product demand. Even though the GDP per capita is increasing every year, the effects of price inflation compounded with higher interest rates than other competing markets have put the citizens in a severe state of poverty. According to (The World Factbook: Nigeria), Over 62% of the total population is below the poverty line. This is due to increased cost of living and increased interest rates on borrowing. The growth will soon slowShow MoreRelatedThe Effect Of Aggregate Demand On The Economy1048 Words   |  5 PagesAs supported by the minutes released from the November meeting of the Federal Open-market Committee, the economy continues to strengthen and looks as though it will remain healthy through the foreseeable future. The economy has returned to normalcy in terms of Consumer Price since the hurricanes hit Florida and Texas, as evidenced by the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: Gasoline(all types) which is portrayed in the graph below. The FOMC has also reported that inflation is projected toRead MoreSupply and Demand and Centrally Planned Economy Essay697 Words   |  3 Pages  incentive   | |   2.   | A bridge is an example of something that is usually provided as a _________.  public good    | |   3.   | To show how demand for a good will change at specific price points, economists use a ____.  Demand curve   | |   4.   | People will buy more of a good when its price falls and less when its price rises, according to the _______.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Law of demand   | |   5.   | The rate the Federal Reserve charges banks for loaning them money is the   _____________________.  Discount rate   | FillRead MoreIncreasing Economy With Growing Potential Automobiles Demand2006 Words   |  9 PagesThe continuously increasing economy with growing potential automobiles demand has made more attention be paid to China, while the other parts of the world seems to remain stagnant (Holweg et al., 2009). The Reportlinker website (2014) suggest that, two main reasons, growing replacement demand and rising affordability in lower-tier cities, might support the growing sales of auto vehicles in China. Luxury autos industry is expected to continue to contribute to economic growth in China. Middle classRead MoreEconomics Notes: Small and Open Economies, Growth, Aggregate Supply and Demand926 Words   |  4 Pagesinterest rate makes borrowing more expensive, the quantity of loanable funds demanded falls as the interest rate rises. The supply and demand for loanable funds depend on the real interest rate and not nominal. Increase in saving = shift the supply of loanable funds to the right = reduces the interest rate. (graphique page 181) Increase in investment = demand for loanable funds increase = interest rise. Incentive to increase investment = increase in quantity of loanable funds demanded When theRead MoreEnergy Supply, Its Demand and Security Issues for Developed and Emerging Economies2119 Words   |  9 PagesAvailable online at ScienceDirect Solar Energy 112 (2015) 68–77 Short-term reforecasting of power output from a 48 MWe solar PV plant Yinghao Chu, Bryan Urquhart, Seyyed M.I. Gohari, Hugo T.C. Pedro, Jan Kleissl, Carlos F.M. Coimbra ⇑ Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Jacobs School of Engineering, Center for Renewable Resource Integration, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093Read MoreProducts, Services, and Prices in the Free Market Economy: Price Elasticity of Demand1040 Words   |  5 PagesThe company shines with its home delivery service. This paper will show how Domino s Pizza can increase or decrease its revenue by using price elasticity of demand and will discuss interpretations of elastic demand, inelastic demand and unit elasticity. Furthermore, this paper will show how determinants of price elasticity of demand affect decisions by analyzing substitutability and proportion of income and time. The determination of how to increase or decrease revenue is thoroughly investigatedRead MoreIs The Us Healthcare System Truly Reflective Of A Free Market Economy Driven By Supply And Demand?1763 Words   |  8 Pagespneumonia causing an increase in demand for certain antibiotics and medical care (supply) necessary to treat these ailments. If physicians and/or hospitals do not increase their supply, this will cause a shortage in medical care available meaning the price for care will increase. This is, at its very basic, an example of supply and demand. Introduction Is the US Healthcare system truly reflective of a free market economy driven by supply and demand? Initially, one would be inclinedRead MoreThe Impact of Rising Oil Prices on the South African Economy in Relation to the Demand and Supply of New Motor Vehicles1172 Words   |  5 Pages1 SUPPLY VS DEMAND 2 FINDINGS 6 PRIMARY FACTORS. 7 CONCLUSION. 7 REFERENCE. 9 THE IMPACT OF RISING OIL PRICES ON THE SOUTH AFRICAN ECONOMY IN RELATION TO THE DEMAND AND SUPPLY OF NEW MOTOR VEHICLES. INTRODUCTION A continual upward trend in the price of crude oil in recent years has led to increasing concerns about its economic implications, both abroad and in South Africa. This study looks at the rising oil prices and their impact on the South African economy within the frameworkRead MoreDiscuss the Extent to Which Economic Growth May Benefit an Economy. (18)794 Words   |  4 Pagesan economy. (18) Economic growth is an increase in the output that an economy produces over time, for the minimum of two consecutive quarters. Economic growth can benefit an economy in a number of ways. Firstly, higher average incomes, this allows consumers to enjoy more goods and services and enjoy better standards of living. This in turn could lead to the ‘Trickle Down’ effect, those who are the highest income earners spending their disposable income on goods and services in the economy, thoseRead MoreDifference Between Aggregate Demand And The Price Level1747 Words   |  7 Pages(3) A) What is Aggregate Demand? Aggregate demand is the total amount that all consumers, businesses, government agencies, and foreigners spend on final goods and services. Aggregate demand is represented by the aggregate-demand curve, and it describes the relationship between price levels and the quantity of output that firms are willing to provide. Aggregate demand is not a fixed number because it depends on the price level. The relationship between aggregate demand and the price level normally

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Financial Collapse The And Enron - 1320 Words

OneTel and Enron were huge technology companies, dominating the competition that they faced although - everything changed. Both of these companies operated in the same era, coincedently both suffering financial collapse. The reasons were mainly because of the failure to follow major accounting principles, lacking morals and lacking strong work ethics. If even a major corporation can fall into this â€Å"trap†, then avoiding doesn’t sound easy, although accountants can easily avoid scandals by following a precise set of given rules and ethics. OneTel and Enron are prime examples which demonstrate the danger when a business is faced with an accounting scandal - which in turn could have been avoided. The fall of major telecommunications company OneTel came as a huge shock, many fell victim to this. The fall of OneTel was caused by majorly flawed governance committee. â€Å"In the year 1999-2000 OneTel purchased over $520 million AUD on telecommunications licenses, ten times what corporate competitors Optus, Vodafone and Telstra spent in the past† (Barry, 2002). Here Barry explains the sheer magnitude of OneTel in it’s prime. Even though OneTel was positive by almost 700 million, the collapse was inevitable because of a majorly flawed governing circle. The post on Accounting Review shows that the flawed committee, which OneTel relied on was not adequate, â€Å"On 19 April 2001, the company’s cash balance dropped to A$25 million. On 16 May 2001, the two joint-CEOs Jodee Rich and BradShow MoreRelatedDetecting Financial Statement Fraud : The Collapse Of Enron Corporation2216 Words   |  9 PagesDetecting Financial Statement Fraud The dramatic collapse of Enron Corporation, following the series of disclosures of accounting improprieties, leads to questions regarding the soundness of accounting and financial reporting standards, and contributing factors to financial statement fraud. One question relates to important internal controls ignored in the creation of special purpose entities such as LJM1 by Enron. Another question relates to how Enron’s harsh Performance Review Committee mightRead MoreEnron : The Largest Energy Trader1669 Words   |  7 PagesEnron was the largest company for energy and natural gas made possible through the merging of Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth based in Omaha. The merger made Enron the largest energy trader in the country and the seventh largest in the world. The company advanced into new fields of business by launching a broadband service unit and Enron online, where people can go to trade commodities. Enron rose quickly to become one of America’s most val uable company. It had a peak of $100 billion in revenueRead More Ethical Lessons Learned from Corporate Scandals Essay832 Words   |  4 Pagesethically as a result of their internalized virtuous core values. The Enron scandal is the most significant corporate collapse in the United States and it demonstrates the need for significant reforms in accounting and corporate governance in the United States. It is also a call for a close look at the ethical quality of the culture of business generally and of business corporations (Lessons from the Enron Scandal). The collapse of even the smallest of businesses impacts many people, and thereforeRead MoreAndrew Fastow : The Enron Corporation And The Pioneer Of The Financial1067 Words   |  5 PagesIn 1990 Enron market value increased from $3.5 billion to $35 billion by the end of 1999 (Ivey Business Journal, 2016). During this time Andrew Fastow was the chief financial officer of the Enron Corporation and the pioneer of the financial implication that brought Enron crumbling down. In this nine-year time frame this feat was admired by companies around the globe. Andrew received a CFO Magazine award for his work at Enron and had lavish parties celebrating the results of the quarterly earningsRead MoreEnron s Financial Fraud And Corporate Fraud1700 Words   |  7 Pages Years ago, a series of financial frauds and collapses was occurs in United States. Includes Enron, Global Crossing, Worldcom, Healthsouth, AIG and Lehman Brothers scandals. In the American capital market, the investors abandoned a number of large listed companies leads to the bankruptcy for those companies. The corporate frauds not only deceive investors, but also make oneself paid a heavy price. At the same time, it not only harm the capital market, but also caused a significant impact on AmericanRead MoreA Corporation With No Morals1036 Words   |  5 Pagesonly hear about the companies with the bad ethics. One of those companies is called Enron. Enron is a gigantic corporation that deals with the electrical power in Dallas, Texas. Enron may have destroyed many people’s lives due to the company declaring bankruptcy. Enron’s collapse has devastated the world; especially the market place because no one thought that a corporation that big would ever fall. What the Enron executives did was morally despicable, lying to their fellow â€Å"blue collar† workersRead MoreThe Collapse Of Enron And Enron1736 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Fortune used to rank Enron as the most successful business in the United States. The collapse of Enron was shocked the whole world energy trading market. It caused significant losses to investors. In this paper shows analysis reason of factors that lead to Enron demise and also lessons can be learnt from Enron case study. The approach which have used in this paper to respond, the case study question are the background of the case organization and how business structure had been use by theRead MoreUniversity of Phoenix Organizational Culture1133 Words   |  5 Pagesis the case with the Enron Corporation, a once massive energy company that suffered arguably the most horrific financial collapse in American history. The Enron failure began with the development of a flawed corporate (organizational) culture, and was fulfilled by the constant reinforcement of that culture. From the top down, Enron s corporate culture damned the company s successes and ensured it for eventual collapse. It must by noted that while the collapse of the Enron Corporation was dynamicRead MoreThe Fall Of Major Telecommunications Company Onetel And Enron1319 Words   |  6 Pages OneTel and Enron were huge technology companies, dominating the competition that they faced although - everything changed. Both of these companies operated in the same era, coincedently both suffering financial collapse. The reasons were mainly because of failure to follow major accounting principles, lacking morals and lacking strong work ethics. If even a major corporation can fall into this â€Å"trap†, then avoiding doesn’t sound easy, although accountants can easily avoid scandals by following aRead MoreHow Ethics Influence Behavior in Organizations1010 Words   |  5 Pagesneed to make a decision, unethical behavior may appear, especially when decision choices conflict with one’s self-interests. The Enron Scandal is a very interesting topic to better understand what are some responses organizations may have to unethical behavior.   Previous to its collapse, Enron was an energy giant based in Texas with Arthur Andersen as their auditor. Enron violated accounting standards by manipulating the mark-to-market accounting method so their earnings would appear inflated, thus